5 Reasons to Build a Custom Trophy

People loved being motivated and then recognized. Although some prefer to stay out of the limelight, a small token of recognition can make their day. Here at KJR Awards, we can help you build a custom trophy for anyone and any occasion. This article highlights five reasons you may not have considered when thinking about handing out a trophy.

 build a custom trophy


Fantasy Sports Leagues

Although this category doesn’t apply to everyone, many people are involved with fantasy sports leagues. For example, now is prime time for fantasy football. If you are the manager of one of these leagues, consider a surprise ending for the winner of the season. Many times it’s bragging rights, sometimes it is a cash reward, but at KJR Awards, we can help you customize a trophy. An excellent little display for the winner’s desk. Talk about bragging rights.



Classroom Motivation

Teachers have a tough job. Day in and day out they are in a room with a couple of dozen little faces staring up and, hopefully, eager to learn. However, as the school year settles in, students may find their motivation wearing off. If this is happening in your classroom, it may be time to consider a little healthy competition.

First, you’ll need to build a custom trophy appropriate to the challenge. Next, be sure to display the award somewhere safe, but visible within the classroom walls. Finally, accept the challenge. Whether it’s an at-home reading challenge or a monthly math goal, students will be excited. Not only with the motivation factor be significantly increased with students, but they’ll also be engaged and learning; all while having fun!


Employee Recognition

Are you a business owner or manager? If so, when is the last time you recognized your employees for a job well done? A small token of appreciation in the workplace can go a long way. Not only will you let your employees know that you’re aware of the hard work they do, but you’re acknowledging and appreciating what they do for you.


Achievement Recognition

Achievements can be applied to any category. From sports to religions organizations, personal goals to group accomplishments, achievements can be big. Achievements can be small. Either way, there is an accomplishment and should be acknowledged!



A Way To Say Thank You

One of the most unexpected ways to express gratitude is with a little token of appreciation. It doesn’t need to be big, or expensive, just something that simply says, “thank you, you’re awesome.”


If you’d like more information on how to build a custom trophy, contact our team at KJR Awards today. Making your visions into a reality is what we do best! (888) 498-8999.

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