Award the Arts

Who doesn’t love going to a football game? With the tailgating, the competitive spirit, and support shown for the athletes, it’s a fantastic experience. Sadly, the same isn’t always said for museums. We live in a society that puts sports and athletic abilities on a pretty high pedestal. Those who succeed in other areas of life often get overlooked. Artists and performers need the same kind of support that athletes get, whether they be children or adults. Don’t forget that those who excel in these fields deserve a custom award too.


Not everybody can play an instrument. It takes months to learn the basics of an instrument by heart. Musicians who have mastered any instrument deserves a bit of recognition. Giving a custom award to a piano player or singer after they rocked a talent show, or played a solo for the first time can really make their day. Nothing is as satisfying than feeling that somebody not only acknowledges your effort but also enjoys the finished product.


This is a heavily debated topic. For some reason, nobody ever wants to say that dance is a sport. Despite being a physically taxing performance, dance is viewed as “just an art.” Well, there’s nothing wrong with that! Dancing is a beautiful and graceful way to express emotion, technique, and physical prowess. This creative form combines the mental fortitude of the arts with the athletic ability of sports and should be awarded thusly.


You’ll remember the flag twirlers from the high school halftime shows. The kids were throwing flags high into the air and spinning them while marching. To perform in synchronized fashion as they do is not easy to achieve. Let them know that their practice did make perfect with a custom award from KJR Awards.

Visual Arts

Every artist dreams of having their painting hanging on a museum wall someday. They put hours upon hours into a single painting. The same can be said for those who like to tell digital stories by filming and editing footage. Painters, writers, directors, and actors all deserve the same amount of credit as athletes. So, remind them why they work so hard with a custom award for them.

KJR Awards offers trophies for only $2. A custom award like that is sure to give all the good feels to the artists in your life. Make them feel appreciated and contact KJR Awards at 978-726-6102 or visit them online.

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