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Why You Should Use KJR Awards

As with any business, consumers have the task of sifting through a variety of merchants when looking to make a purchase.  When it comes to awards and custom trophies, this holds true as well.  However, KJR Awards has made life simple by providing everything one could need.  If you’re looking to build a custom trophy, […]

Custom Trophy Builder: The Benefits

At KJR Awards we believe in offering the best for our customers.  Providing a large inventory of trophies, we also go above and beyond with our custom trophy builder services.  When you build a custom trophy, you can rest assured that not only will you be presenting something unique, but memorable as well.  Here are […]

Custom Awards: Why Choose Them

Perhaps you’re in the market for awards and don’t know where to start looking.  If so, consider utilizing a company that offers custom awards.  This type of award provides many benefits to not only the person giving but the recipient as well.  KJR Awards provides competitively priced custom awards created with superior quality.  Below are […]

Build Your Own Trophies For Any Occasion

When people hear the word “trophy,” our mind often thinks of the controversial participation trophy.  Regardless of your stance on the matter, trophies are a great way to boost morale.  Beyond sports, there are many situations in which one may utilize the handing out of awards.  At KJR Awards, customers can build your own trophies.  […]

Custom Awards for Your Team

With Spring around the corner, we will soon find ourselves back outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  It is time for the kids to put down the devices and grab their sneakers! From baseball to lacrosse and everything in between, sports season has arrived.  With each season comes an award ceremony.  Why not kick it up […]

Sports Trophies by the Season

When it comes to sports, there are untold advantages to getting your child involved at a young age. On top of the physical benefits or exercise, your child learns to socialize and push themselves. There’s no other feeling to a young kid than receiving an award for the hard work they put into a sport. […]

Show Your Employees You Care

As an employer, it’s a significant part of your job to make the workplace a comfortable and inviting environment for your employees. Nobody enjoys coming to work at a place where they don’t feel involved. During this time of year, spirits can reach an all-time low. A part of this is due to the stress […]

The Pros and Cons of Custom Awards

There’s a growing notion that participation trophies are a waste of time. It seems everywhere you turn, an adult is complaining about the fact that a child who isn’t the best is getting awarded along with the others. Putting yourself out there is an intimidating task that should be encouraged by adults, not mocked. Promoting […]

Three Reasons to Give an Award

There’s a lot of negativity in the world today. It seems every time you turn on the news some sort of unfortunate event has taken place. When you’re always surrounded by misgivings, it’s hard to imagine what you do is worthwhile. That’s why it’s so important to let those who are trying hard know that […]

Award the Arts

Who doesn’t love going to a football game? With the tailgating, the competitive spirit, and support shown for the athletes, it’s a fantastic experience. Sadly, the same isn’t always said for museums. We live in a society that puts sports and athletic abilities on a pretty high pedestal. Those who succeed in other areas of […]

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