Build Your Own Trophies For Any Occasion

build your own trophies

When people hear the word “trophy,” our mind often thinks of the controversial participation trophy.  Regardless of your stance on the matter, trophies are a great way to boost morale.  Beyond sports, there are many situations in which one may utilize the handing out of awards.  At KJR Awards, customers can build your own trophies.  Thus, the possibilities are endless when thinking of a reason to hand out an award.


Why not spruce up your workday with an award ceremony? Depending on the industry and crew, there are several different ways that one could go about this.  Maybe there was an internal competition boost sales.  Many companies offer an employee of the month incentives.  Perhaps you are having an employee appreciation day and want to recognize individuals for their unique contributions.  Whatever the case, custom awards are only a call away.


Again, we are all familiar with participation awards.  However,  if you were to build your own trophies, players could be acknowledged for their achievements. “MVP,” “Fastest Runner,” “Most Improved,” etc. are just a few examples.  Sports trophies could also be utilized for personal leagues you may be involved with.  Bowling and Dart leagues are a pastime of many adults.  Why not spruce up the end of season celebration with an unexpected trophy? KJR is the home of the $2 trophy, making awards an attainable and affordable solution.


 Every city and town has an abundance of events that are held throughout the year.  From fundraisers to conventions, people gather for a variety of reasons.  Trophies can be customized depending on the event cause.  Whether it’s proof of attendance, completion of a course, etc., one can always put a creative spin on things to come up with a fun reason to honor someone.


Offering quality, affordable trophies, KJR Awards enables people to provide awards that are accessible.  Utilizing collaboration efforts and creativity with their customers, KJR offers only the best.  If you are hosting an event that may call for awards, consider the option to build your own trophies and make it personal! Contact KJR Awards today to inquire on custom trophies for your next event (978) 726-6102

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