Custom Awards for Your Team

custom awards

With Spring around the corner, we will soon find ourselves back outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  It is time for the kids to put down the devices and grab their sneakers! From baseball to lacrosse and everything in between, sports season has arrived.  With each season comes an award ceremony.  Why not kick it up a notch this year and hand out custom awards that your players won’t expect.

Boost Confidence

We have all heard the controversy over the participation trophy.  Kids have come to expect the end of season medal or trophy, and get upset if nothing is given out. As a coach, you can go beyond traditional expectations and recognize players for a particular skill that they contributed.   Custom awards are a great way to boost personal confidence without the expense of leaving someone behind.  An added award acknowledges the effort and encourages confidence.

Show Appreciation

Every team has that parent, or group of parents, that go above and beyond for the kids.  Hey, they are their biggest fans, right?  These individuals deserve to be recognized too! Whether rain or sunshine, the parents are there.  Carpooling, working the concession stands, maybe hosting a team bonding event or filling in for a sick coach, the parents are always there.  What better way to show your appreciation then surprising an unexpecting parent with an award of their own.  It also provides the parent with excellent bragging rights for the car ride home!

Be Different

Every home with a sports enthusiast has a dedicated shelf of trophies.  Showcasing your child’s awards puts a smile on their face.  Let’s be honest though; it can be an eyesore.  Varying in size and color, your little baseball player is hosting a shelf full of identical trophy toppers.  With the ability to choose and customize the look of your team’s trophy, every parent will be appreciating the new look standing out from the rest of the shelf.


Why blend in when you can stand out? KJR Awards is home to the $2 trophy.  Custom awards for your team has never been easier or more affordable.  Contact the experts at KJR Awards today to see how they can make your next award ceremony stand out from the rest (978) 726-6102.

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