Custom Awards: Why Choose Them

custom awards

Perhaps you’re in the market for awards and don’t know where to start looking.  If so, consider utilizing a company that offers custom awards.  This type of award provides many benefits to not only the person giving but the recipient as well.  KJR Awards provides competitively priced custom awards created with superior quality.  Below are a few reasons to consider contacting KJR Awards for award builder services.


By giving custom awards, you are sending a message that you care.  Although KJR makes customizing your award an easy process, the time and effort that you put forth are sure to be recognized.  Whether you build an award for your sports team or employees, a custom award will them feeling appreciated.  Since the feeling of appreciation helps to motivate people, custom awards are indeed a win-win situation.


By now we’ve all heard of the participation trophy.  Every player receives the same trophy at the end of the season because they were part of the team.  Although there are mixed feelings about this type of award, it is still a great practice to recognize individuals for their efforts.  At KJR you can create unique custom trophies to hand out as awards.  For instance, if you have a child that plays baseball, you probably have multiple trophies lining your shelf with the same baseball player sitting atop the base.  Custom awards allow you to add a creative flair standing out from the rest.

Offers Variety

Custom awards are not a one-size-fits-all type of award.  From ribbons to medals and trophies, you have the ability to make your award truly unique.  Although it may be tempting to choose a standard style, it’s essential to think about your receiving audience and what will make the most significant impact.  The variety available from custom designing your awards makes this a thoughtful and straightforward task.


If you’re considering spicing up your award ceremony with the use of custom awards, contact KJR Awards today.  Home of the $2 trophy and exceptional customer service, KJR Awards will take care of all of your needs.  Call them today at (978) 726-6102.

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