How Custom Awards Can Benefit the 5 Communities We Serve

custom awards

When people think of custom awards , chances are they think of one thing the most: sports. Although sports awards are by far the most popular, communities of any focus can benefit from giving trophies.  While we pride ourselves on helping those in the sporting community, we take further pride in helping those that are sometimes overlooked.  At KJR Awards, we are happy to provide our services to a variety of individuals with a variety of needs.  Taking the time to provide custom awards for any occasion is our specialty!  Here are a few of the communities we are proud to assist.



As mentioned, the sporting community is the most popular, and the best known. From local Pop Warner teams to bowling leagues and little league teams, we provide top-quality trophies and other customizable awards for your sporting team. These awards can help organizations achieve a common goal; recognition and team motivation.

Religious Organizations

At KJR Awards, we’ve visited many churches over the years.  One of the most commonly requested items is a token to help make services standout by creating a feeling of personalized attention.  Specializing in a variety of crosses and other accessories, KJR Awards can help you achieve that goal.  With the addition of a little something extra, and unexpected, your next church gathering can easily be one to remember.


Schools have plenty of occasions that call for custom awards , and we’re happy to oblige. Whether you need a trophy for science fair awards or something to reward students participating in an internal classroom competition, we’ll find the perfect solution for your needs.


Although this category is broad, we have the solution.  From after school clubs to adult interest-based clubs, custom trophies or other awards are a fun way to keep members interested.  For example, if you’re host to a local book club, with creative superlative awards, you can recognize your dedicated members with a fun, lighthearted way to break-up the routine.


One of the best parts of parenting is the ability to encourage children in a positive manner.  What better way to reward a job well done then with an award of some sort.  At KJR Awards, we can provide affordable trinkets to show that hard work pays off. Even though it may seem a silly solution, children tend to be motivated by tangible items. 


For more information on how KJR Awards can serve your community, visit us online.  From custom awards to trophies, we have the perfect solution for any need.    

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