Here’s Why A Trophy Is More Than It Seems

trophies for sale

When thinking about all of the awards and trophies you’ve accumulated over the years, chances are a bit of reminiscing occurs.  Even though many of us crack jokes about participation awards these days, receiving a trophy can create impactful childhood memories.  Because we understand just how important receiving a trophy can be, KJR Awards has created an extensive line of trophies for sale at an affordable price.  We can even customize trophies for your organization!


Team Effort

One of the most common areas for trophy distribution is within organizations.  For instance, plenty of kids partake in sports, where teamwork is the foundation of many vital concepts and ideas. When you add some awards to the mix, there’s incentive for them to put forth their best effort Whether it’s a classroom competition or 1st place trophy, rewards are an excellent motivator.  Knowing there is a trophy at stake can bring out creative energy, ambition, and problem-solving solutions.



If you’re a parent, you know how challenging it can be to keep children on task.  As silly as it may seem, mixing the routine up with an award is a quick and simple way to award your children for desirable behaviors. Trophies are fun and a sure way to enforce positive behavior.  With the addition of weekly or monthly goal charts, you can keep your household on task.  Simple reminders to encourage children to put forth their best efforts will keep your sanity, and their summer the best it can be! Since KJR Awards offers $2 trophies for sale, you’re enabled to entice your household without breaking the bank.


The Result

Once they’ve won that prize, that memory will stay with your child for quite some time.   As a physical reminder proving that hard work pay off, trophies become an excellent motivator.  Instead of allowing their accomplishments to fall by the wayside, you can create memories that will last a lifetime.


While they may seem like simple, inexpensive doodads to most, awards can have a significant impact on self-esteem and work ethic, especially in children. If you’re looking for affordable trophies for sale, contact KJR Awards. We’re happy to help deliver memories that last. Give us a call at (978)-453-3388 or visit us online, and see what we can do for you today!

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