Looking To Motivate Your Classroom? Check Out Custom Awards

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With school back into the swing of things students are settling into their new routine. Schedules have been established, and friends have been made. With established routines, students are more comfortable than a few weeks ago when the new school year began. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. Depending on the age you’re working with, students may need a little motivation to keep the steam going in the right direction. Here we introduce custom awards to the classroom.


They’re motivated

With the simple introduction of a custom award, students will get their mojo back. For example, after creating your “reader of the month” award, you decide to display it in the classroom. The award is placed in a location of all the little eyes to gaze upon in awe. Wishing they could be the sole winner of that awesome award, they are now motivated to put in their reading time at home. Easy peasey lemon squeezy, as the little ones say.


They’re excited

Not only are your students motivated to complete the task at hand, but they’re also excited to do so. What once may have been a chore during after school hours is now looked at from a new point of view. I mean if reading comes with awards, why wouldn’t we want to do it, right?


They’re learning

The best part of all of this is that your students are learning! Chances are, they don’t even realize it either. Although custom awards can be considered a method of recognition, they can also be a learning tool. By introducing some healthy competition to the education space, your engaging students at a whole new level.


If you’re considering using custom awards in your classroom, give KJR Awards a call. We are happy to help our customers with each step of the way. We’ll ensure the design and appearance are coherent with your ultimate goals. Making visions to come to life is what we do best! Contact our team today, and get your classroom back in the right direction. (888) 498-8999.



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