Show Your Employees You Care

As an employer, it’s a significant part of your job to make the workplace a comfortable and inviting environment for your employees. Nobody enjoys coming to work at a place where they don’t feel involved. During this time of year, spirits can reach an all-time low. A part of this is due to the stress of the holidays, and another part is the deadlines that come with the New Year. One way you can improve morale as an employer is to give work awards. Let your employees know that you’ve recognized their effort over the past year. Here are some work awards you can give to create a happier working environment.

End of Year Awards

By giving out End of the Year Awards, you’re letting your employees know that everything they’ve done over the past twelve months was worth it. These awards can take different forms. Award the employees that have stuck with you during the hardest times. Also, let your new hires know that they’re a valued member of your team.

Awards for Achievement

Sometimes tasks that accompany a job are strenuous and stressful. When you notice an employee has overcome a complicated challenge on the job, award them for it. Even a small gesture like a $2 trophy from KJR Awards can give an employee a feeling of improved self-esteem.

Most Likely to Succeed

No matter where you fall on the corporate ladder, the need to succeed is a part of the job. From retail workers to VPs of the company, they’re putting in the effort to do their best. A little friendly competition is one way to get the best from your employees. With a Most Likely to Succeed award, your employees will work hard to prove thier worth.

Employee of the Month

Nothing says a job well done quite like an Employee of the Month award. This allows you to showcase the efforts of multiple employees throughout the year. Sure, it’s become a cliche in our society, but there’s a reason it’s a cliche. Awarding a new employee each month creates a feeling of accomplishment in your workers.

Don’t be the boss nobody likes. Let your employees know just how much you appreciate them. With work trophies for only $2 at KJR Awards, you can maximize your company’s morale without taking a hit to the budget. For more information, contact KJR Awards at 978-726-6102 or visit us online.

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