Sports Trophies by the Season

When it comes to sports, there are untold advantages to getting your child involved at a young age. On top of the physical benefits or exercise, your child learns to socialize and push themselves. There’s no other feeling to a young kid than receiving an award for the hard work they put into a sport. There’s a heavy debate on the value of participation trophies. Still, seeing a child smile with pride when they get a trophy for their effort is priceless. Depending on the season, different sports are available to get involved in. With each of these ports, KJR Awards has a trophy to celebrate.


Winter sports have a noble history. These sports are so influential there is an entire Olympics season just for them. Some of the more popular winter sports are basketball, hockey, and gymnastics. OF course, gymnastics is a year-round practice for serious athletes. However, as far as high school sports go, it falls during the winter season.


To be a three-season athlete at the high school level, you must participate in sports during the fall, winter, springtime. Popular spring sports include the obvious: baseball and softball. For generations, baseball has been America’s Pastime. Other spring sports include track and men’s volleyball.


Summer is the only time of year without school deciding when sports are played. This opens up an opportunity for children to try different summer leagues. Most sports are available during the summer months. Some even have travel leagues for your kids to get more experience.


When school starts back up in the fall, sign-ups for football, soccer, and cheerleading open up. These are the sports most people associate with high school. Part of this is because so many students want to be a part of the team. Nothing says “your hard work paid off” quite like a trophy for a fall sport.

Choosing a sport to dedicate your time to is a commitment. Still, that commitment feels like a wish fulfilled when you’re finally awarded for your effort. Not everybody is the next Tom Brady, but sports trophies can bolster your confidence. For trophies in these sports, and many other events, contact KJR Awards at 978-726-6102 or visit us online.

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