Sports Trophies for All Levels

Here in New England, we are pretty lucky when it comes to professional sports team. From the Bruins to the Red Sox, Patriots, and the Celtics, New England fans have plenty to cheer about. It’s nice to have an event that pulls people together. You can all rally behind your favorite players in hopes they’ll beat the pants off their opponents. However, showing the same kind of support to the upcoming athletes in your town is equally as important. Sports trophies are an excellent way to show your support of the hard work and effort put forth by the players. Here are a few of the many sports trophies available at KJR Awards.



Baseball is America’s pastime for a reason. There’s no feeling quite like eating a hot dog while sitting on bleachers.  Watching the batters blast the ball into the outfield and jumping with excitement will never get old!  However, excelling in baseball takes a lot of hard work. Players not only need speed and agility to round the bases, but arm strength for batting and pitching, and more hand-eye coordination than any other sport.  Because the love of the sport is so great, a Little League World Series has even been created!



Coming out of an exciting season, hockey is New England’s favorite wintertime sport.  Who doesn’t enjoy watching two teams chasing after the puck at neck-breaking speeds on the ice? Hockey is everything you love in a sport. From the fast pace to the physical body slams, hockey is not for the weary. 



It seems as time goes on that football is gaining the popularity once held by baseball. With games played in London each year, the sport is pushing its worldwide presence.  With mental stamina of strategy along with the physical strength to get through the other players, football players rank physically with hockey players.


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Swimming is one of the oldest sports in the world, as it doubles as a means of survival. The four major swimming strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle) all work your body in different ways. Swimming is one of the few sports that uses every muscle in your body, as well as your ability to control your breathing and test your willpower.


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