Spruce Up the Meeting With Custom Trophies

Trophies in the workplace are an excellent way to lighten the mood and create a more relaxed atmosphere. With a little creativity, you can award your employees with something unique and unexpected. At KJR Awards, we have custom trophies for sale at affordable prices. What better time to present a light-hearted trophy then at those Monday morning check-in meetings that everyone dreads. Here are a few ideas to get your next meeting off on the right foot:


trophies for sale


Donut Awards

Although many people won’t buy them on their own; when presented with a tempting platter of donuts, how do you resist? A perfect way to spruce up a workday morning is with a donut buffet. By providing your employees with plain donuts, a selection of flavored glazes, sprinkles, and other toppings, you have the perfect buffet. However, wrap up the donut buffet with a custom trophy honoring the best-decorated donut.



Hot Dog Trophy

With summer coming to a close, why not treat your employees to a company sponsored barbeque. With a few grills and cookout basics, you can have a parking lot gathering that is sure to heighten the spirits of the workplace. Why not throw in a classic American tradition; a hot dog eating contest. Beyond bragging rights, you can present the winner with a trophy adorned by a giant hot dog. Why not, right?


Coffee Trophy

Most offices have that go-to person they count on to pick up or make, the daily morning coffee. Although this may seem like a job for the low man on the totem pole, they’re probably one of the most appreciated people in the company. What better way to show that appreciation than with a custom trophy honoring coffee. Whether it’s a travel mug or coffee cup, you’re sure to make your go-to feel appreciated.



For more creative ideas to spruce up your workplace, contact the team at KJR Awards. We love bringing visions to life by offering custom trophies for sale for employers, schools, and other organizations. Check out our online catalog or give us a call at 888.498.8999.

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