The Pros and Cons of Custom Awards

There’s a growing notion that participation trophies are a waste of time. It seems everywhere you turn, an adult is complaining about the fact that a child who isn’t the best is getting awarded along with the others. Putting yourself out there is an intimidating task that should be encouraged by adults, not mocked. Promoting the spirit of competition shouldn’t tear down a child’s self-esteem. There are several kinds of custom awards you can give out to let everybody know that their effort is recognized. Here are the pros and cons of ribbons, medals, and trophies.


Using ribbons for custom awards has advantages and disadvantages. The best part of getting a ribbon as an award is their size. You can collect dozens of ribbons from your various accomplishments and take up the same amount of wall space as a couple of medals. Ribbons come in any color, which means you can award more people by ranking per activity. However, ribbons are easy to lose and don’t hold the prestige of a trophy or medal.


These are the perfect middle ground between ribbons and trophies. Medals have the weight of accomplishment when you wear them around your neck, yet are small enough to hang multiple medals to a mantle. The downside to medals is the price. It’s hard to find a good-sized medal at a reasonable price. This can result in small medals feeling like a letdown.


There is nothing that says “I’ve done something worthwhile,” like a trophy. Using trophies as custom awards is the best way to let a child know that the effort they put into an activity isn’t just a waste of time. Plus, with KJR Awards trophies costing no more than $2, the price can’t be beaten!

The next time you’re looking for custom awards, consider the pros and cons of ribbons, medals, and trophies. Contact KJR Awards at 978-726-6102 or visit them online today!

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