What Was the Last Gift You Gave Your Employees?

Often, workplace morale can decrease for a variety of reasons. Whether the workload is overbearing, the atmosphere is stressful, or co-workers are dragging you down, it’s imperative as an employer to turn things around. One of the best ways to boost morale in the workplace is by recognizing, and appreciating, your employees. How you choose to execute this task is entirely up to you. Here at KJR Awards, we provide custom trophy builder solutions for a unique and thoughtful appreciation gift. However, here’s a few more ideas to consider:


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Surprise lunch, on the company of course.

One thing is for sure; food is always a welcome surprise. Why not turn the morale around with a surprise lunch for your employees. If you’re a big company, you may consider catering or ordering pizzas for each department whereas smaller companies could take their employees out for an impromptu out-of-office break. Either way, your employees will be feeling revived and appreciated.



End of quarter token

If your fiscal quarter is coming to a close and numbers are exceeding expectations, consider putting some of that back into your employees. Investing in your staff is imperative to keeping a happy, hardworking crew that is dedicated to the job. Small gifts of appreciation show them that you’re acknowledging their hard work and that you appreciate all they do. For instance, Yeti mugs are a hot token right now. Imagine walking into work and have a surprise mug with a $5 coffee shop gift certificate inside waiting for you at your workstation. A perfect way to start anyone’s workday.


Custom trophies

Let’s go back to the idea of a custom trophy builder. With a little thought and the right team, you can create a one-of-a-kind solution to recognize an employee. This gift is truly one that shows you appreciate a specific individual as it is made just for them. The best part of a custom trophy is that is can, but doesn’t have to, be specific to work. For example, you can create a trophy recognizing someone for being the most optimistic, the best coffee maker, the person who smiles the most, etc. The possibilities here are truly endless.


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Here at KJR Awards, our team of experts love making your vision come to life. Enabled with state of the art technology, we are your custom trophy builder experts. For more information on how to create custom trophies that will boost your employee’s morale, give our team a call at (978) 726-6102.

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