Why You Should Use KJR Awards

build a custom trophy

As with any business, consumers have the task of sifting through a variety of merchants when looking to make a purchase.  When it comes to awards and custom trophies, this holds true as well.  However, KJR Awards has made life simple by providing everything one could need.  If you’re looking to build a custom trophy, here is why you should consider KJR Awards for your trophy needs.


Variety is the spice of life.  It is also a life-saver when your valuable time is a consideration.  At KJR, we believe in offering the best to our customers.  With plenty of stock designs to choose from, providing the ideal award has never been easier.  From sports to religious events, the extensive catalog makes trophy presentation a breeze.  Perhaps you’re not finding what you had in mind, give us a call, and our team would be happy to work on customizing your ideal award.


Home of the $2 Trophy

At KJR Awards, we realize that every organization has a budget.  That is why we are home to the $2 trophy.  Without compromising quality, we are proud to offer our customers a large selection of trophy options at an affordable price.  Not only do we provide the best pricing around, but we also pride ourselves in providing superior customer service.  Affordability, excellent relations, and the option of customization keep people coming back time and again.


Build A Custom Trophy

What better way to show your appreciation than to build a custom trophy.  Whether your need is for individual recognition or team participation, customizing your trophy provides many benefits.  For instance, the level of thought and care that will go into your custom trophy will be apparent to the receiver.  Thus, receiving the award will have that much more meaning than that of receiving the typical everyday award. 

Bring your vision to life with the professional services of KJR Awards.  Our team of experts look forward to collaborating with customers enabling a win-win situation. 


Beyond the ideal selection of inventory with customizable features, KJR Awards offers a level of expertise and knowledge that the competition can’t.  Since its inception, KJR Awards has never faulted from our principles.  Although our trophies are affordable, the quality competes with that of the highest priced competition.  If you’re looking to build a custom trophy or award, visit us online today and see how KJR Awards can keep you on a budget without compromising the quality.   

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